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Workshop Week Part Two

We (KunoKini, She Makes War and myself) hadn’t a moments rest because the next morning we were up early to make our way to the Music Bagus festival for our workshop on the philosophy and spirituality of music. This is a concept that we don’t discuss enough back home. For me music is a connective, creative force which links people, places and time seamlessly almost as if in a dream. Discussing these connections and the magic of creativity is something I enjoy doing immensely and it was a joy to do so with KunoKini and She Makes War.

The setup was informal or, in Indonesian, santai (meaning relaxed) and this allowed us to weave our understanding of music and personal philosophies with song and the music that we make. This was followed by a question and answer session about our individual philosophies, what influences us as musicians and the connection between music and spirituality. I don’t have enough time to write about this in detail so if you’d like to know the answer to any of these questions just get in touch!

After the workshop/performance we sat in traffic for 90 minutes to travel 15km! Welcome to Jakarta, the traffic here is unbelievable! We arrived at our meeting with the British Council and people and artists from We The Fest in Shoe Maker Studios. We made our way to the tenth floor to a space that resembles an embassy in finery complete with a 200 seater auditorium, chandeliers in every room, oh and it’s actually a recording studio kitted out with the finest of vintage gear. I played a guitar worth £50,000. I wish I could convey to you what this place and the various instruments were like but it’s simply not possible in the written word. We did an interview promoting We The Fest and chatted about our collaboration and upcoming gigs and the like. All of which will be released very soon. For now though you’ll just have to take my word for it and follow me on Instagram (dani_musictravels) for the latest updates and photos.

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